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Franchimp Summary Rating

4 /10
Higher than 68% of peers
9 /10
Lower than 18% of peers

Franchise Summary

A Fresh Coat franchise sells painting services.
Company Background
Fresh Coat is a painting franchise with stores in over 100 cities across the U.S. and Canada. We provide high-quality painting services, including exterior and interior work, to homeowners looking for a fresh new look on their home or office space. Fresh Coat offers flat rates that include all materials and labor costs so you don't have to worry about hidden fees! Our painters are professional, trustworthy, and talented individuals who can transform your home into something beautiful in just one day - guaranteed!
Franchise Opportunity
Contractors have a hard time getting customers to trust them. The Fresh Coat franchise is revolutionizing the painting industry by using the Problem-Agitate-Solution formula in their marketing materials. Instead of just telling potential customers that they are trustworthy, they use social proof and testimonials from happy clients to prove it. This makes potential customers more likely to hire them for their next project! Our process uses only high quality paints and finishes, while providing an excellent customer experience at every step along the way. We will work with you every step of the way through our system which guarantees your satisfaction on completion of each project we undertake together."
Corporate Structure
F.C. Franchising Systems, Inc. is an Ohio corporation that was incorporated on January 1, 2005. Their principal business address is 10700 Montgomery Road, Suite 210, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242. They do business under our name, F.C. FRANCHISING SYSTEMS, INC., and under the trade name FRESH COAT. They have offered Fresh Coat franchises since January 2005.
Royalties and Marketing Fees

Royalties : 6% of Gross Revenues; $300 monthly minimum

Royalties : 2% of Gross Revenues; $350 monthly minimum

Royalties : Up to 3% of your Gross Revenues unless a majority of the cooperative members agree on a higher contribution

Earnings Transparency

7 /10
This Franchise discloses slightly more information about the financial performance of their franchisees compared to other franchises in the same industry

Why do some franchises disclose more than others?
There are many reasons why a brand may choose to not include item 19 on their FDD: they could be a newer franchise, they may be in a unique industry that is not super profitable or well-known yet

Financial Performance of "Standard" Units

Average Revenue Per Unit

Compared vs. Decorating & Home Design Industry

$632,895 / unit

Franchise Type: Standard

Average Revenue During 2021

Industry Low
Industry High

Franchisee Attrition

4 /10
This franchise's rate of attrition in 2020 of 12.99% was Slightly Higher than the 6% in the Decorating & Home Design industry. Generally speaking, a higher rate of attrition represents a less stable franchise system and a lower rate of attrition indicates a more successful system
What's Included in franchise attrition?
We define the franchisee attrition rate as the sum of terminations, re-acquisitions by franchisor, non-renewals, and ceased operations, divided by the number of outlest at the start of the year. It is a strong indicator of the strength of the underlying operating model

Franchise Types Available

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Fresh Coat Franchise System Development in 2020


How much investment do I need to start my own Fresh Coat business?
Franchisees typically require at least $53,850 to $76,750 investment to get their Fresh Coat business started
What are the initial franchise fees for Fresh Coat?
Franchisees typically need to pay at least $44,900 in fees directly to Fresh Coat in order to earn the right to launch their business
How much money can I make with a Fresh Coat franchise? What are the average revenues for a typical Fresh Coat business?
We estimate that the average revenue of an individual Fresh Coat unit is approximately $632,895. We based this on Item 19 in franchise disclosure document
How long do I need to commit to running a Fresh Coat unit? What is my contractual commitment?
Fresh Coat franchisees are typically required to sign up to a 10 year contract initially. The renewal length is 10 years. You can of course exit early but don’t expect to get any refund!


9 /10
The Franchisor's investment costs ranges from $53,850 to $76,750 which is Much Lower than the $181,953 to $372,343 average in the Decorating & Home Design industry
What determines the investment cost?
Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document lays out the full list of initial investment costs, including the fee payable to the franchisor, security deposits, equipment, professional fees etc

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