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This franchise is for the operation of a business that markets and sells a proprietary line of air purification, water purification, water conditioners, floor care and other products and services that create and maintain allergy friendly, clean and healthy indoor environments for homes and businesses. The franchisees also perform testing and treatments for indoor environmental containments and perform repair and maintenance services for all of the franchisor’s products and certain products of their competitors. The franchisees are required to maintain a fixed store location to operate their franchise. The franchisees accomplish a substantial portion of their sales through in-person marketing and product demonstration.

Corporate Structure

Aerus Franchising, LLC, is a limited liability company formed under the laws of Delaware on May 2, 2001. They currently do business only under their company name and under the trade names “Aerus”, “Aerus Franchising” or “Beyond by Aerus”. They maintain their principal place of business at 14841 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Dallas, Texas 75254. They have been offering franchises under the “Aerus” marks since June, 2002.

Investment and Franchisee Fees

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a franchise under the Standard Program is $37,500 to $439,690. This includes up to $330,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a franchise under the Associate Program ranges from approximately $20,000 to $104,690. This includes up to $60,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate.

Royalties and Marketing Fees

Royalties : 8% of Gross Sales (as defined below this table). Subject to increase upon 90 days? notice to you, provided that the Royalty will not exceed 12% of your monthly Gross Sales.

Local MArketing : 2% of Gross Sales

Estimated Franchisee Revenue & Profit

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How much investment do I need to start my own Aerus business?
Franchisees typically require at least $37,500 to $436,690 investment to get their Aerus business started
What are the initial franchise fees for Aerus?
Franchisees typically need to pay at least $330,000 in fees directly to Aerus in order to earn the right to launch their business
How much money can I make with a Aerus franchise? What are the average revenues for a typical Aerus business?
We haven’t done the math on how much revenue a typical Aerus brings in each year. We estimate that other franchisees in the Professional Services industry general revenue, so we would expect Aerus to generate a similar amount
How long do I need to commit to running a Aerus unit? What is my contractual commitment?
The standard length for an initial franchise contract is 10 years. Renewals are also generally 10 years

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