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Franchising Status
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FranchimpID Business Model Franchisor Name View Franchisees Industry Number of Franchise Units Year Founded Website CEO Corporate Address Legal Name Parent Company Number of Lawsuits Number of Director Bankruptcies Franchising Status Initial Investment (Min) Initial Investment (Max) Net Worth Requirement Liquid Cash Requirement Franchise Fee (Min) Franchise Fee (Max) Initial Term Renewal Term Royalties Min Fee Royalties Max Fee Advertising Min Fee Advertising Max Fee Eligibility for SBA Loan Fruns image Contact Title Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone Number Fav/UnFav level 1 Industry 2023 FDD 2022 FDD 2021 FDD 2020 FDD 2019 FDD 2018 FDD 2017 FDD 2016 FDD 2015 FDD 2014 FDD 2013 FDD 2012 FDD 2011 FDD 2010 FDD 2009 FDD 2008 FDD 2007 FDD 2006 FDD 2005 FDD