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5 /10
Higher than 53% of peers

Franchise Summary

The franchise offered is for theestablishment and operation of businesses that provide a full range of painting and wall finishing services for both exterior and interior portions of residences and "light commercial" buildings (a "Unit Franchise").
Company Background
360 Painting is a painting and wall finishing franchise, providing customers with the perfect blend of customer service, product knowledge, process expertise and technology. 360 Painting offers services for both exterior and interior portions of residences as well as light commercial buildings. The company has been in business since 1986 with over 100 units operating across North America.
Franchise Opportunity
Homeowners are often overwhelmed when it comes time to paint their home. The task seems daunting and they're not sure where to start. Painting your home can be a huge project, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. You could try to do it yourself, but that's often more work than it's worth. Plus, you run the risk of making mistakes that will cost you later on. Hiring a professional painter is the best way to make sure your painting project goes smoothly. 360 Painting has years of experience in painting homes both large and small. We'll take care of everything for you so you can relax and enjoy your new look.
Corporate Structure
360 PAINTING, LLC is a limited liability company formed in the State of Delaware on April 1, 2013. Their principal place of business is 630 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 200, Charlottesville, VA 22911. They are 100% owned by Premium Service Brands, LLC, a Delaware entity formed on January 20, 2015. They and their predecessor 360 Painting Inc. have offered franchises since September 2006.
Royalties and Marketing Fees

Royalties : 6% of Gross Sales You must pay us a minimum royalty of $800 per month after you begin presales even if the franchised business has no business revenue.

Royalties : 2% of Gross Sales

Royalties : $5,000 in each quarter through end of second calendar year of operation; 4% of Gross Sales per year for years three through five.

Earnings Transparency

7 /10
This Franchise discloses slightly more information about the financial performance of their franchisees compared to other franchises in the same industry

Why do some franchises disclose more than others?
There are many reasons why a brand may choose to not include item 19 on their FDD: they could be a newer franchise, they may be in a unique industry that is not super profitable or well-known yet

Financial Performance of "Standard" Units

Average Revenue Per Unit

Compared vs. Decorating & Home Design Industry

$433,123 / unit

Franchise Type: Standard

Average Revenue During 2020

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Industry High

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360 Painting Franchise System Development in 2021


How much investment do I need to start my own 360 Painting business?
Franchisees typically require at least $101,350 to $145,000 investment to get their 360 Painting business started
What are the initial franchise fees for 360 Painting?
Franchisees typically need to pay at least $70,000 in fees directly to 360 Painting in order to earn the right to launch their business
How much money can I make with a 360 Painting franchise? What are the average revenues for a typical 360 Painting business?
We estimate that the average revenue of an individual 360 Painting unit is approximately $433,123. We based this on Item 19 in franchise disclosure document
How long do I need to commit to running a 360 Painting unit? What is my contractual commitment?
360 Painting franchisees are typically required to sign up to a 10 year contract initially. The renewal length is 10 years. You can of course exit early but don’t expect to get any refund!


5 /10
The Franchisor's investment costs ranges from $101,350 to $145,000 which is Much Higher than the $181,953 to $372,343 average in the Decorating & Home Design industry
What determines the investment cost?
Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document lays out the full list of initial investment costs, including the fee payable to the franchisor, security deposits, equipment, professional fees etc

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